Mosquito services


A back yard can create a lifetime worth of memories, but if mosquitoes or ticks invade the area, it can quickly turn into an unpleasant place. Mission Pest Management can help.

Using a variety of tools and techniques, Mission Pest Management can help restore some enjoyment to your back yard, while helping protect your family from diseases vectored by mosquitoes and ticks.

Our service focuses on both the larval stage and the adult mosquito population, with routine services that provide relief throughout the entire season, while our tick service targets the areas where ticks seek out hosts. You as a homeowner can help. Something as small as a bottle cap of water is all it takes for pest nuisance or disease-carrying mosquitoes to breed. Protect your family by doing the following:

  • Drain, flush and discard anything that might collect water, such as potted plants, barbeque grills, gutters, boats and toys, such as tire swings and Frisbees.

  • Keep lawn mowed to reduce adult mosquito resting sites.

  • Fill in any low spots in your yard that might collect water.

  • Flush bird baths at least once a week.

  • Replace water in pet bowls often.

  • Remove vegetation and debris from drainage ditches.

  • Keep pools clean and in operating condition.

  • Repair torn window screens.

Use insect repellent and cover up at dawn and dusk – when mosquitoes are most active.